CC-5 Cleaner


CC-5 Cleaner is a liquid alkaline cleaner designed to remove all types of soils from metals.  As a strong alkaline cleaner CC-5 will typically remove cutting oils, drawing and stamping compounds, coolant residues, buffing compounds, dirt and metal fines.  The particular wetting agents used in it provide fast wetting and lead to the rapid loosening and dispersing of dirts and oils.  In addition, when oily soils are being removed there will be a favorable characteristic of oil rejection after surface cleaning.  This will allow oil-skimming equipment to remove oils from the cleaning systems.


CC-5                                         3% to 5% 

Temperature                              160oF to 180oF


CC-5 functions exceptionally well at lower temperatures also.  Soak tanks might use 5% to 7% concentrations if agitation is low or cleaning loads heavy.


The alkalinity and active ingredients in CC-5 are blended to provide short-term rust protection.  Follow up processes or the application of rust preventives should be anticipated after cleaning.


Appearance (room temp)            Clear liquid

Specific Gravity                          1.229

pH at 3%                                   13.1

lbs/gal                                       10.26




        Liquid product provides for ease of use.

        Fast dispersion of soils.

        Low foaming.

        Oil rejection.

        Effective with all types of equipment.


Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.



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Product Data Sheet/KA084                                         Effective Date: 6-07-07                                                       Supersedes: 9-16-03













         Pipette 20 mls of the sample into a 250 ml flask

         Add 50 to 100 mls DI water

         Add 2 to 3 drops of Phenolphthalein indicator

         Titrate with 1.0 N Hydrochloric Acid End pt: pink clear


Mls 1.0 N HCl x 0.9 = % CC-5





         Place 1 ml sample into the 2 oz bottle. (Use the 0.5 ml dropper - 2 times)

         Fill bottle about 1/2 way with tap water.

         Add 2-3 drops of methyl orange indicator (m-o).

         Stir/rotate bottle gently to blend ingredients.  (Should be light orange)

         Add 1.0N HCl dropwise with gentle mixing after each drop.  Count each drop until color changes to deeper red.


         Use chart below to determine solution concentration from the number of drops of 1.0N HCl.




No. of Drops 1.0 N HCl                                              % Concentration


                                    19                                                                                10%


                                    16                                                                                8%


                                    13                                                                                6%


                                    10                                                                                4%


                                    7                                                                                  2%