Citrus Utility Cleaner


Citrus Utility Cleaner has a unique blend of cleaning characteristics in which the high solvency capacity of the natural food by-product, D-Limonene, is combined with surfactants to provide both water rinseability and water dispersability. 


Citrus Utility Cleaner can be used as is for solvent-type cleaning.  It may be rinsed afterward, if needed, for an extra clean surface. Citrus Utility Cleaner may also be dispersed in water for dip or spray washer operations.  The advantageous blend of strong solvency and water dispersability makes Citrus Utility Cleaner suitable for a wide range of cleaning application.  As a mildly alkaline cleaner, it is suitable for use with aluminum.


Benefits of using Citrus Utility Cleaner:



       Strong solvency action

       Water rinseable/water dispersible

       Flexible operating parameters

       Environmentally compatible

       Operator friendly


As with many metal cleaners Citrus Utility Cleaner provides short term in-house corrosion protection.  It is recommended that a rust preventive be used after cleaning for more than short term protection.




            Color                                                     Clear/light yellow

            Odor                                                     Citrus

            pH Concentrate                                      12.6

            pH Dilute (5%)                                       11.0




            Citrus Utility Cleaner                              5 100% by volume

            Temperature                                          Room Temp to 180F

            Time                                                     3 7 minutes




Concentration by Test Kit


  1. Add 2 mls of solution to be tested into empty glass bottle, using a 3 ml syringe.
  2. Add 2 to 3 drops Methyl Orange Indicator.
  3. Add 1.0 N Hydrochloric Acid dropwise.  Swirl the bottle gently between each drop. Endpoint: Yellow/Orange Pink/Red.
  4. Use the number of drops 1.0 N Hydrochloric Acid to determine the concentration using the chart below.









Citrus Utility Cleaner

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Drops 1.0N Hydrochloric Acid                                                  % Citrus Utility Cleaner


3                                                                                                               10

7                                                                                                               20

14                                                                                                             40

19                                                                                                             60

26                                                                                                             80

31                                                                                                             100

Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.



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