Dev-Kleen 632


Dev-Kleen 632 is a low-temperature, highly wetted, non-etching, mildly alkaline soak and/or spray cleaner which provides excellent cleaning ability for all types of soils, including cutting oils, drawing and stamping compounds, coolant residues, greases, buffing compounds, dirt and metal fines. 


Its a liquid cleaner with high detergency which it can be used to clean steel, copper, brass or aluminum.


Dev-Kleen 632 has been specifically designed to be effective at low temperatures, and be non-foaming for spray cleaning applications, or for use with air agitation.


Dev-Kleen 632 has the following advantages:

          Liquid formulation for easy additions and is suitable for automatic pump applications.

          Effective in all equipment:  Soak, spray, cylindrical screw conveyor, and air-agitation.

          Functions exceptionally well at low temperatures, reducing energy costs.

          Prevents scale build-up on tank walls, pipes, nozzles and steam coils.

          Has long life and is economical to use.


MAKE UP:       


Dev-Kleen 632                          3 to 5%                         Spray cleaning

                                                5 to 10%                       Soak cleaning

Temperature                              90 to 150 oF.                  110 to 120 oF (optimum)

Time:                                        3 to 6 minutes               soak cleaning

                                                1 to 3 minutes               spray cleaning


For soak cleaning applications, the concentration may need to be increased if agitation is low or cleaning loads are heavy.  For heavier greases, the temperature may need to be increased to 130 150 oF.




Appearance (room temp.)                       Yellow liquid

Specific Gravity                                      1.138

pH at 5%                                               11.5

lbs/gal                                                   9.50






       Take a 50 ml sample of the operating solution in a 250 ml flask.

       Add 3 or 4 drops of Methyl Orange indicator.

       Titrate with 1.0 N Hydrochloric acid (HCl); End point: Yellow Pink/Orange.


Calculation:    % Dev-Kleen 632 = 2  x  mls 1.0 N HCl







Dev-Kleen 632

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       Use the syringe to transfer 2 ml. sample to a clear glass bottle.

       Add 2 or 3 drops of methyl orange indicator to the sample.

       While swirling the solution, add 1.0N hydrochloric acid (HCl) dropwise until the solution changes from yellow to pink/orange .  Make note of the number of drops used.


Drops. 1.0 N HCl                                   Dev-Kleen 632 Concentration

2                                                                3%       

3                                                                5%       
6                                                                10        
8                                                                15        
11                                                               20        


Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.



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