Neutral Power Wash N


Neutral Power Wash N is a heavy-duty, liquid neutral cleaner designed to be used in Power Wash Systems to remove all types of soils from all substrates. Neutral Power Wash N will typically remove cutting oils, drawing and stamping compounds, coolant residues, smut, dirt, and metal fines. The particular wetting agents used in Neutral Power Wash N provide fast wetting and lead to the rapid loosening and dispersing of dirt and oils.




Appearance at room temperature Clear to yellow                                                              

pH at 100%                                           8.4  - 8.8                      



Neutral Power Wash N AS A SPRAY CLEANER:

Neutral Power Wash N                           5% - 25%

Temperature                                          100 - 180F.



1.                   Take a 100 ml. sample of the solution.

2.                   Add 3-4 drops of methyl orange indicator.

3.                   Titrate with 0.1N Hydrochloric Acid until solution changes from orange to red,


Calculation:  (mLs of acid) x 0.8 = % product


NOTE:  Due to the neutral pH of this product, samples from excessively contaminated baths may give erroneous results.


Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.



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Product Data Sheet/KN041                                      Effective Date: 06-07-07                                                          Supersedes: 05-23-07