Acid Rinse Aid 93


Acid Rinse Aid 93 is a buffered additive with wetting agents to lower the pH of the final rinse after phosphating and reduce the water’s surface tension. It works in both hard and soft water, and helps control streaking and staining.  It also provides short-term corrosion protection for in-plant storage prior to subsequent coating, and improves the coating’s adhesion.  Since it contains no chromates, waste treatment is simplified.




            Concentration                            0.5 - 2% by volume

            Time                                         15 to 30 seconds

            Temperature                              Ambient – higher temperatures will aid in drying.

            Control                                      pH of the final rinse should be maintained around 4 - 5




This product is an acidic material containing wetting agents.  Handle with normal precautions given for any acidic product.


Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.



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Product Data Sheet/PH035                                                      Effective Date: 06-07-07                                                 Supersedes: 05-01