Aqua-Wax w/Dye


Aqua-Wax w/Dye is a low-viscous aqueous wax dispersion based on Carnauba wax.  It contains a fluorescent dye tracer to make the wax visible under UV lighting (365 nm) for QC purposes.


Aqua-Wax w/Dye is a lubricant for various fastener type products, providing a safe and economical method of protecting and lubricating screws, bolts and other types of fasteners.


Aqua-Wax w/Dye provides a hard shell coating when dry.  This coating will soften from the heat of friction when the fasteners are used, supplying a lubricating film and reducing the torque requirements during assembly. Upon cooling, the shell coating hardens to provide rigid support. 


Other benefits include:    Improved scratch, metal mark and abrasion resistance.

                              Excellent gloss retention

                              Does not haze




Aqua-Wax w/Dye

12 to 18%        (15% - optimum)


85 to 100 oF     (90 oF - optimum)

Immersion Time

10 to 30 seconds


7.5 to 10

Dry time

5 minutes (typical)

Film softening temperature

178o to 187 oF


ANALYSIS:       using Atago Pocket PAL-1 Hand-held Digital Refractometer


1.          Make sure the refractometer is lying on a flat surface when taking measurements.


2.          Zero the refractometer each day before use.  Place 3 drops (0.3 mls) of room temperature distilled or tap water on the prism surface.  Press start.  If the measurement is not zero, press the “zero” key.  Wipe the water off the prism with a lint-free tissue.


3.          Place 3 drops (0.3 mls) of Aquawax w/ Dye solution (at bath operating temperature) on the prism.  Press “Start” key.  The measurement value will be displayed after the arrow blinks 3 times.  Remove the sample. Rinse with water and wipe the prism with a lint-free tissue.


4.          The measurement value multiplied by 3 = % Aqua Wax w/ Dye. 


Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.



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