Rust Preventive 5151 is a rust preventive compound intended for use in spray applications. It will prevent rusting of active, clean steel, even when wet.


RP-5151 works well where protection for indoor storage is required along with ease of handling and economical costs. It forms a film that prevents iron from forming the iron oxide rust. The film will rinse off easily in any cleaner, is non-oil, and is compatible with most water-soluble paint formulations.


Rust Preventive 5151 is a mixes easily with water and is compatible with a wide variety of water conditions. The strength of RP-5151 required will vary according to the type of steel, its degree of cleanliness and activity, and contaminants on the parts. Normally, 2 to 5% is sufficient. RP-5151 can be sprayed at any temperature convenient to your operation.


Typical Specifications:


Color - Clear amber liquid

Specific Gravity - 1.05

pH @ 100% - 8.5 to 9.5

pH @ 5% - 7.5 to 8.5


The benefits of using RP-5151 are:


Easy to use short-term protection


Non-staining coating


Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.



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Product Data Sheet/RU054 Effective Date: 6-07-07 Supersedes: 1-20-05